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Author: Jain Recipes Category: Snacks, Dinner&Lunch, Cuisine: Indian

Yields: 4 Serving

Difficulty: Medium

Prep Time: 10 Hours

Cook Time: 15 Mins

Total Time: 10 Hours 15 Mins


Cashew nuts 75 grams

Agar agar 3 grams

Peanuts curd 1 tablespoon


Step 1.Soak cashew nuts in sufficient water for 6-8 hours. Drain the water and wash the soaked cashew nuts and transfer into a blender jar. Add ¼ cup water and blend to a fine paste.

Step 2.Boil 150ml water in a pan, add agar agar and continuously stir for 1-2 minutes or till it dissolves. Add the prepared paste and mix till well combined. Cook till the mixture comes to a boil.

Step 3.Add 600ml water and continue to stir for 5 minutes. Take the pan off the heat, keep stirring till the mixture cools down slightly.

Step 4.Add the peanut curd and mix till well combined and smooth. Transfer into a bowl and let ferment for 6-8 hours in a warm place. Refrigerate till chilled and serve as required.

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